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Stay Safe

* The Safe Touch Key, made of antimicrobial brass, allows you to open doors, pull handles, push buttons, and more while keeping your hands clean. Keys come individually bagged and with a key ring, so you can carry your key with you anywhere you go. Leopardo "L" engraved on 1 side of key. * Triple Layer Mask features contoured shape and over ear elastic fit. Outer layer is 100% breathable and lightweight polyester fabric. Inner layers are unbleached cotton for added filtration and breathable comfort. The 3D contoured design creates space between your mouth and the mask to reduce condensation and add comfort. The mask is washable and reusable making it economical and eco-friendly. * 2 oz. unscented clear sanitizer is here to save the day! This 2 oz. clear cylinder bottle with a clear flip top will send twice as many germs packing. Do your part to stop the spread. Product contains 70% alcohol by volume. Leopardo logo imprint up the side of the bottle.

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